Since I started building Curvature in 2012 it has been a passion-project for me. I use it to plan my motorcycle trips and have more fun while exploring the physical world. I also use it as an entry into exploring and improving the fascinating virtual model of the world that is Open Street Map. Designing and building this system has been a wonderful journey and it couldn’t be done without the open-data community of editors that contribute to Open Street Map and others who have joined me in developing Curvature. As an open-source-software and open-data advocate I’m joyed to be able to share this work freely with the world.

At the same time, processing, storing, and serving this world-wide data and keeping it up to date requires significant computational resources. For the past few years I’ve been self-funding the servers that host Curvature to the tune of about $700 per year. While I’ll keep running the service at a basic level, I want to give others who find Curvature useful a way to contribute and am opening up donations to help cover the hosting costs and make the service more robust.

I’m in the process of setting up a system for supporters, but in the mean time you can send one-time donations of any amount to:

With gratitude,

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